Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award 2017

The winner will receive a project grant worth 6,000 €


This is the twenty-first consecutive year in which Doctors of the World–Médicos del Mundo (MdM-Spain) has conducted the LUIS VALTUEÑA INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Conditions of entry are detailed below: WHO CAN ENTER The competition is open to adult amateur and professional photographers of any nationality. THEMES Photographs must be related to any of the following themes: humanitarian action, international cooperation, social exclusion, human rights violations, armed conflicts, natural disasters, refugee and immigrant populations or socially excluded groups. PHOTOGRAPHS AND FORMAT Each participant will be allowed to submit a maximum of ten photographs, which can be distinct or part of a series. Only photos taken between January 2016 and October 2017, which have not been previously entered, will be accepted.


The winner will receive a project grant of 6,000 euros (amount before tax, which depends on the winner’s nationality and situation) to develop a photography project composed of at least 50 photos and a 30 minute video shoot related to the work of MdM-Spain, whether in Spain or in other countries where the organization is undertaking humanitarian action or international cooperation programs. The winner together with MdM-Spain will define the objectives and the development of the project, taking into account common interests and the operative security conditions related to possible destinations. The amount of the grant should cover all expenses needed to develop the project. Once the project’s terms are settled, MdM-Spain will not demand an account of those expenses. The grant will be given in three parts: 50% after the judges’ decision, 25% when the project starts and the remaining 25% when the project concludes.


The competition is open to adult amateur and professional photographers of any nationality.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

for the sole purpose of making billboards and press inserts following this competition – under the banner of MdM-Spain and its International Network in exhibitions, projects and campaigns; in the exhibition catalogue and pamphlets; as well as on the MdM-Spain website, the exhibition blog and social media (Flickr, Facebook and Twitter) and in organization campaigns and actions. The right of distribution, in order to circulate inserts in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, among the public and also to accompany any articles or reports in different media, always citing the author of the images. The right of public communication, in the form of public exhibitions and associated venues, so as to display the winning entries and their accompanying display posters and material as mentioned, along with the possibility of third parties accessing the webpages referred to above.


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