Magical Nature – Nature Photography of the Year 2021

Magical Nature - Nature Photography of the Year


The contest “Magical Nature” is hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers (ZNFS). The contest is open to amateur as well as professional photographers from around the world. Members of the jury, members of the competition management group and their nearest relatives are not eligible for participation. Every participant can submit up to 20 digital photographs. They can be distributed at her/his wish, but no more than 4 in each category. The same image can not be submitted to more than one category. Photographs which were sent to the contest in previous years, regardless if they were selected or not, will be disqualified.

1. Mammals
2. Birds
3. Other animals (except mammals or birds)
4. Plants (including lichens, mushrooms, etc.)
5. Natural Landscapes
6. Man and nature (examples of positive or negative influence of man on nature)


Author of Nature Photography of the Year will receive a prize money of 500€ and special prize: 4 days Photo-Tour worth 800€.
The jury will select one winner in each category who will receive a prize money of 300€ and 9 runners-up, who will receive Highly Commended award.


The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from all over the world.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Participant must be the sole owner of the copyright of all photographs without third-party claims. Each participant agrees that organizer of the
contest (ZNFS) can use her/his photographs for a promotion of the contest, for publication in book, for public presentation of the contest on
internet, in printed publications in festivals and exhibitions without prior authorization and without claiming compensation of any kind.
Personal data entered by the participant in the online form will be collected and processed electronically. These data are used to contact the
winners of the jury vote, to indentify the authors of the corresponding pictures, for all communications related to and for the International
Nature Photography Contest Magical Nature.


Nature Wildlife Landscape Environmental Macro/Micro Multi-categories