Marta Hoepffner Prize for Photography 2023

Prize money of EUR 3,000.


The prize honors black-and-white photography by up-and-coming professional photographers and will be presented as part of the exhibit at Stadtmuseum Hofheim am Taunus starting July 02, 2023.

With this prize, the Marta Hoepffner-Gesellschaft für Fotografie aims to promote black-and-white photography and to support young professional photographers in this field. Also, the memory of the photographer Marta Hoepffner (1912-2000) is to be kept alive and the interested public is to be given a regular insight into current developments in contemporary black-and-white photography.

Light is basis of photography and precondition for the creation of images. It is always in motion and thus influences the appearance of things and our view of them.

In the past three years, a great deal has changed our perception - from climate change to the Corona pandemic to Russia's attack on Ukraine. We see the world in a different light. We take a different look at ourselves and our environment.
The theme offers opportunity to use all photographic genres: e. g. portrait, landscape, architecture, documentary photography, experimental photography etc.


One work selected by the jury will be awarded the Marta Hoepffner Prize of Photography and the author will receive the prize money of EUR 3,000.
Other selected works will be exhibited together with the work of the award winner at the Stadtmuseum Hofheim am Taunus. All photographers represented in the exhibition will each receive two specimen copies of the exhibition catalog.


Participation is open to trained photographers and ar=sts in the first five years of their professional practice, as well as students from 4th semester onwards and trainees in their final year of training.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All submitted works may be used for the competition and its public relation.