Master of Photography

Final prize €100.000


Master of Photography is the televised talent contest for photography airing on Sky Arts in the UK and Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Open to both amateurs and professionals, the contestants will be travelling to locations across Europe and tackling a series of tasks that test their abilities, skills and instincts in a range of styles and disciplines including street photography, travel photography, portraiture, reportage and more.

In every episode, a world famous photographer will mentor the contestants. Guest photographers of the past editions include Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb, Bruce Gilden, David LaChapelle, Gary Knight among the others.


Final prize €100.000


Master of Photography is the televised talent contest for photography airing on Sky Arts in the UK and Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

With regard to the “Use and ownership of photographs” section above, the Candidates guarantee:

a) That they are the authors/photographers of the photographs submitted and that such photographs have been taken and created by them;

b) That they are the legitimate holders of all utilization rights related to the photographs (including but not limited to the exclusive right to publish the photographs as well as the exclusive right to use, financially, the photographs in any form or manner, original or derived, with any means known today or that may be invented in the future) and, therefore, that they have not entered into agreements that may limit, in any way, their original rights for the financial utilization of the photographs that they have created and their possible utilization by Sky;

c) That they have not granted to any collecting society, any kind of mandate whatsoever for the management of the rights on their photographs;

d) That they have been granted all the necessary authorizations (no one excluded) required by any applicable laws and regulations for the creation of the photographs.

e) That they have obtained all the authorizations and consent, even pursuant to the current laws and regulations on personal data protection, concerning the rights of the persons, objects and anything else depicted in the photographs, for the purpose of photographing people, animals, private or public places, etc.

Consequently, the Candidates and the Talents undertake to indemnify and hold Sky and the Production Label free against any damage, harm, cost, expense (including legal costs), penalty or any other charge arising from claims or legal proceedings, or from any administrative or arbitrative action by third parties, including public, national or international administrations for failure to comply with the guarantees mentioned under the aforementioned letters a) and e).

For the Casting, the Candidates must upload on the Site a minimum of 5 and up to a maximum of 10 photographs by them taken, of which at least 5 must be freely utilizable by Sky without limitations. By participating in the Contest, the Candidates grant Sky (and its assignees or successors) a non-exclusive, irrevocable and free-of-charge licence - valid worldwide and for the maximum duration set out in any applicable copyright law - covering the right to utilize the photographs and the Videos for any purpose and by any means whatsoever, such as, by way of example, for the purpose of reproduction and playback in the Programme, for the promotion thereof and for the purpose of the utilization of the Programme and any other audio-visual work, event or product related to the Programme and/or the Contest, for any publication, even by sponsors of the Programme or Sky, as better specified in the Waiver. Every photograph used by Sky may display the name of its author. All the Candidates accept that any photograph or Video submitted for the participation to the Contest can be used by Sky, free of charge, for promotional and marketing purposes on every platform, including promos, teasers, television programmes, exhibitions and digital media and prints connected to the Contest, the Programme and to Sky’s activities.
Neither Sky nor the Sky Group shall be held responsible for the photographs and the Videos submitted during the Casting stage or taken and submitted during the Programme, regardless of whether they violate applicable rules, including for example the rules regarding copyright and intellectual property, rules regarding the protection of personal data and those regarding unfair competition (“Regulation”).

Sky and/or the Production Label reserves the right to investigate, in all of their capacity, any complaint and / or claim relating to the alleged copyright and any other Regulation’s violations and remove and disqualify the photographs in violation of the Regulation and/or the present Guidelines. Sky shall not be liable for any damage caused by the photographs and/or the Videos in violation of the Regulation and/or the Guidelines.


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