Meitar Award

$14000 for the Meitar Award winner


Israel Photography Festival is happy to announce an open call for the 2017 Meitar Award.

The Meitar Award is an international prize which is given for excellence in the field of photography. By submitting your work, you will get an opportunity to showcase it to a world class jury, and have a chance to win prize money, a solo exhibition and a one year cooperation with a curator worth $14,000.

The jury, which is compiled of internationally renowned figures, will select a shortlist of 20 finalists whose works will be presented in a group exhibition at the Israel Photography Festival in Tel Aviv November 2017. All the submitted work will be judged anonymously by their originality and quality.

The Meitar Award is an initiative of the Israel Photography Festival and the Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund. It was first given in 2016 to Israeli artists who showed their talent and outstanding abilities in photography.

As of this year the Meitar Award has become an international award, with the aspiration to create a world wide dialogue through the language of photography.


— 20 finalists will be presented in a group exhibition at the Israeli Photography Festival in Tel Aviv November 2017.
— A winner gets $14000, a solo exhibition and a one year cooperation with a professional curator.



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Artists submitting their candidacy will maintain their ownership rights for all intellectual
property related to the submitted body of work images (including ethical rights), subject to the present bylaws. However, by participating in the contest, the artists give the Meitar Fund, the Photography Festival and Platforma Ltd. (CIC), and through them to third parties involved in marketing (hereinafter 'The Authorized Users'), their irrevocable, non-exclusive, international, royalty-free permission, within legal bounds, to change, edit, copy, duplicate and adjust the images to the format required for internet product pages and for marketing materials only; to advertise and use the images and their content and components, including any name, place or portrait they may contain, in every type of media, including, but not limited to, digital and electronic media, computers and audio-visual media (present or future), in any language, worldwide, and in any manner, without need to check, notify or receive approval, and without any return or compensation. All the above for the sole purpose of promoting and/or advertising the Meitar Fund Photography Contest, or the Fifth and Sixth Israeli Photography Festival. Other than the purposes listed above and other uses intended to promote the festival, the prize and the activities of Platforma, the photographs will not be used for any commercial purposes, and all the commercial rights will remain in the possession of the artists.


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