mgFoto contest – “World in 2022”

Unique and personalized medals, diplomas.


Traditionally, with the new year we start with the next 36th edition of our cyclical international competition "World in 2022".
Patronage over this year's competition "World in 2022." honorable institutions: Association of Polish Art Photographers ZPAF, Photoclub RP, FIAP.
mgFoto competitions are an effective and proven form of self-expression through art. We are open to what is new, to new thoughts and reflections. As every year, we are waiting for different types of photography and different interpretations of the subject. Choose your own artistic conventions. Look for inspiration in your immediate surroundings, in the world of nature, in interesting events from the world of culture, art and science. Tell an interesting story with your photos, with a message and a key to analysis. Look for a place that you associate with something special or seemingly ordinary, but unusual and symbolic. We are looking forward to your works.
The competition is addressed to all lovers of photography who want to face the proposed topic, so we invite young ambitious artists and professional photographers to participate.
The works will be judged by a 5-person international jury composed of: Artur Ostafin, representative of mgFoto, Malgorzata Dolowska, president of Fotoclub RP, Katarzyna Lata, president of ZPAF Silesian District, Jurek Owsiak Founder and president of WOSP (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation), Valery Leshchynski guest from abroad (Ukraine).

Katarzyna Lata - President of the Jury, Representative of ZPAF - Visual artist, photographer, curator and promoter of photography. He gives lectures on photography, self-portrait and exhibitions at the University of Information Technology in Katowice and at the ZPAF Photography Studio in Warsaw. Curator of four Galleries of the City of Gardens in Katowice. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Graphics Department in Katowice, 1999). A member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (since 1999), the Association of Polish Art Photographers (since 2000), and a member of the Artistic Council of the ZPAF (since 2017). Curator of Galeria KATOWICE ZPAF (2000 – 2017), vice-president for artists of the Silesian District of ZPAF (2002 - 2005), president of the Silesian District of ZPAF (2005 - 2017).
Coordinator of the European project "CreArt Network of Cities for Artistic Creation" in Katowice (2017-2022). Initiator and coordinator of Galeria Night in Katowice (NOC-K – since 2015). Author of several individual exhibitions, several dozen collective exhibitions and photographic happenings, editor of photo books and coordinator of projects documenting Silesia. She was the curator of over 300 exhibitions, a juror of numerous photographic competitions and portfolio reviews. In 2010, she received the award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for creative achievements and contribution to the development of Polish culture, and in 2017 the Bronze Medal " meritorious culture Gloria Artis". Works in the collections of: the National Museum in Krakow, the Silesian Museum in Katowice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Phototeka ZPAF in Warsaw, the Silesian Collection of Artistic Photography in Katowice, the Municipal Museum in Sosnowiec and in private collections.
Malgorzata Dolowska – Representative of the Fotoclub RP - She is a graduate of the Higher School of Photography in Warsaw and PWSFTiTv im. st. Schiller in Lodz. (specialization in photography). He is the President of the Board and President of the Chapter of the Photoclub of the Republic of Poland of the Association of Artists in Warsaw. He is a founding member of the "Photography for the Future" Foundation. She held the position of director until 2022. He is a lecturer at the University of the Third Age of the Warsaw University of Technology. In the years 2000-2011 she was the director of the Higher School of Photography, in the years 2008-2011 the head of the Studio of Instructors of Photography and Audiovisual Techniques. In the years 1996-2019, she organized cyclical plein-airs and photography workshops for youth and adults. Since 1992 he has been a juror of national and international photographic competitions. Since 1998, he has been leading creative groups, currently AFA9. He has 40 individual exhibitions, participation in collective exhibitions, lectures and meetings with authors. She took part in photographic actions, including: "One day of Warsaw", "One day from the life of Warsaw", "Water in photography". She was the organizer of actions and exhibitions, including: Portrait with a child, Gallery of the Youngest, Family Portrait of Varsovians. She has led and organized photo exhibitions at the Traveler Gallery, the Closed Gallery, ArtRoom, and the F10 Gallery. She was honored with many medals, badges and diplomas for her activities for Polish photography, e.g. Distinguished cultural activist, Gold medal Merited for Polish photography, Bronze medal "Merited to Culture Gloria Artis''.
Artur Ostafin – mgFoto representative – member of the Myslenice Photographic Group Association – mgFoto, a man of many talents, passionate about reportage and aerial photography. A graduate of the Krakow Academy of Photography. Student at the Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava in the Czech Republic. Photojournalist at Edytor Photo Agency.
His photographs have been exhibited in in
The "House of Art" Museum in Opava, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, during the 21st International Festival of Photography in Lodz, during Prague Photo 2022, during Month of Photography Bratislava 2022
Jurek Owsiak - Media - Polish radio and television journalist, philanthropist, charity and social activist. Founder and president of the The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, initiator and organizer of the annual Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final and Pol'and'Rock Festival (Woodstock Festival in 1995–2017). As a radio and television journalist, he collaborated with the largest radio and television stations in the country. He has been awarded and awarded many times for his social and charitable activities. Since 2014, an honorary citizen of the capital city of Warsaw. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times.
Valery Leshchynsky – guest from abroad (Ukraine). Born December 13, 1957 in Kiev. A photographer-phototechnician by profession. Member of the NSFHU since 2014. Founder of the artistic association "Kyivphotos-Hall 2012". Organizer of international photo shows and photo competitions. One of the few Ukrainian photographers who works in the direction of contemporary pictorialism and photo-impressionism. He experiments in concept and abstraction. Valery's pictures are beyond the space of everyday understanding of life through visual art, his heroes live in the superconscious, crystallizing the problems and concepts of the surrounding existence. She says of herself, "I'm looking for a thing or a state of mind that I've never seen or felt before."


Unique and personalized medals, diplomas.


Minors must attach a statement signed by their parents or legal guardians. The statement should be downloaded from the competition website

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