My country as I see it 2016 – Photo contest

This summer is not just about a vacation!


Every person is an individual, which is reflected in the way to see things! Show your word via your photos.
This photo contest has been created for everyone to get to know you and by you your country is such that you can see it!

Give yourself a chance and give everyone a chance in the whole world to get to know you, and your country too by your photos!

Show me who you are and what your country! What do you see that! Let that others can learn your wonderful world through your eyes, what your country means for you. Show them all the beauty and the hidden treasures of the way no one else does in the world, only you: through the eyes!

The photos appear on any theme and works the way you look on the world, your country, your house!

Lower age limit: reach adulthood (under the laws of own state)
Technical conditions as follows:

The Organizer accepts photos taken with a mobile phone.

The photo can be black and white or color.

File type: JPG or PGN format, the best quality.

at least 500 pixels on the shorter side.
Maximum size of photo: 3 MB.
In the case of photos taken with a mobile phone: at least 500 pixels on the shorter side, and valid EXIF informations.

Using an image editing software and filters are permitted, but these should be indicated in the EXIF datas.

The EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) datas are informations about the picture, those the digital camera (including smartphone) has when creating the image. The camera captures the EXIF datas in the image file when you press the shooter button.

EXIF datas: photo title, when and where it was taken, the full name of the photographer, the type of the camera, the type of used image editing software and/or filters.
Everyone can vote in the contest, whether or not they have decided to participate in the contest!
Votes can be submitted by clicking on the stars located under a contestant’s photo.


GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition camera,
Adobe Photoshop CC,
One-month exhibition a gallery in Budapest,
Amazon voucher, worth $100,
Opportunity to present yourself for a year on the page with photos and datas and banner space,
Opportunity to present yourself for a year on the page with photos and datas and banner space,
For a year the winner photo will be the cover photo with the winner’s name on our surfaces of community pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn),
Participation in the next contest without registration fee.


Reach adulthood (under the laws of own state), hobby and professional photographer

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Participation in the photo contest gives the Organizer unlimited use of the contestant’s photos and descriptions, without any limitation to time, location, or means of use for the purpose of promoting the contest.


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