My country as I see it 2016

Show the world via your photos, what your country means for you!


Every person is an individual, which is reflected in the way to see things! Show your word via your photos!
Every registered member of can take part in the contest.

Take part in a worldwide photo contest! Upload a photo of your country, which shows your country in whatever you see it! Everyone will get to know you and your country through this photo, where you live!
Let the world get to know YOU and to see your country as you can see! Let everyone know it through your eyes and discovered the true face of habitat and values with your valuables and your human greatness!

Take photos and show by them what is your country, and tell the whole world through them how you live, how you work,you exist, you are creating!
Show the wonderful world via your photos, what your country means for you, and it can introduce yourself!

The photos appear on any theme and works the way you look on the world, your country, your house!
”My country as I see it 2016”


1st place: a valuable painting (Hungary, Budapest World Heritage Sites, buildings), worth 2.000 USD ,

2nd place: a valuable painting (Hungary World Heritage Sites, landscape with buildings), worth 1000 USD;

3rd place: a beautiful pictures of Lake Balaton, worth 700 USD


Every registered member of can take part in the contest.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Participation in the photo contest gives the Organizer unlimited use of the contestant’s photos and descriptions, without any limitation to time, location, or means of use for the purpose of promoting the contest.

By participating in the contest, the contestant agrees without any limitation that insofar as they receive an award – without any service in exchange – their photos and descriptions, in whole or in part, can be used by the online pages run by the Organizer. For showing this information beyond the time listed in the awards section, the contestants can agree to terms in a special contract with the Organizer.


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