Nature & Adventure

$2,000 USD in Cash Awards - Share your love for Nature


If you are passionate about photography, imaging and the industries that surround them. Participate in FotoFilm Tijuana 2019!

To promote, recognize and enable works on photographic support presenting themes of: Nature and Adventure with the purpose to inspire others to conserve and preserve our home planet through respect for the environment, thus recognizing the greatness of our earth.


A monetary prize will be awarded to the top three places selected by the jury in each category:

Category of 18 years though 34:
■ First place: $ 500.00 USD
■ Second place: $ 250.00 USD
■ Third place: $ 100.00 USD
In the category of 35 years and up:
■ First place: $ 500.00 USD
■ Second place: $ 250.00 USD
■ Third place: $ 100.00 USD


A jury integrated by recognized filmmakers with experience and prestige, will issue the decision and select the winners, making their decision a final matter

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The FOTOCompetition FFTJ2019 will be carried out in two stages:
A. The first stage includes the registration of participants and verification of compliance with the requirements established in the competition rules, by the organizers and the pre-selection of finalist works by the qualifying jury.
B. The second stage includes the review, deliberation and final resolution of the jury and the public event where the decision will be announced with the results for each of the categories and award and exhibition of the awarded works.
Interested participants who meet the participation requirements and terms of reference set out within this call must complete their registration, which has a participation fee of $ 25.00 per image through the official registration which is available on the festival's official website:
Once the registration is complete, and the participant has received confirmation of their submission, all subsequent clarification and communications between participants and festival organizers will be through the competition platform.
The identity data of the participants will be handled in a secure manner in such a way that no unauthorized person will have access to any of the participants’ private data in conformity with applicable privacy laws.
Each participant may submit a maximum of 10 images to the contest, which may or may not form a series showing thematic or conceptual coherence.
The images must be uploaded to the platform individually.
Participants may attach on their submission(s) an explanatory or conceptual text describing the work with a maximum of of one thousand characters.
The period for receiving the works electronically through the platform begins on September 1, 2018 and concludes on May 15th, 2019 at 23:59 hrs [-7 HRS GMT] Tijuana local time.
The submission of works by participants signifies the acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined within this call. The organizers will verify the fulfillment of the requirements and terms of refernce from the registered participants regarding the submitted works.
The competition jury will be integrated by professionals of photographic arts and industry with recognized professional backgrounds and prestige, who with full autonomy, will value the works of the participants having once fulfilled all the requirements set forth within this call as verified by the competition organizers.
During the first stage the jury must assess the works of all duly registered and eligible participants as determined by contest organizers considering the relevance and the conceptual, artistic, professional and technical quality of the work, and will select the 20 finalists in each of the two categories described on this open call.
The finalist selection process will conclude no later than May 30th, 2019, with the issuance of a certificate of those selected as finalists.
On June 15th 2019 results of the finalist selection will be published through the platform as well as the official communication channels of FotoFilm Tijuana, thus concluding the first stage of the competition.
The 40 finalists will be responsible for submitting the selected works in a digital format in high resolution (minimmum 300 dpi) TIFF format, RGB Mode or gray scale, 8 bit unlocked, without exceeding the dimensions of 300 cm x 300 cm (three meters high) by three meters wide).
Within this submission, the fianlists will have to deliver the technical description of the selected images including at least the following information:
A. Title
B. Capture Date
C. Camera
D. Technique
These will be submitted on a Microsoft Word or PDF document of each selected photograph and may include a montage proposal also on the document.
Finalists may attach an explanatory or conceptual statement in support of the work they send if they wish. This text should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF and can be written in Spanish or English, with a maximum length of one thousand characters.
The deadline for submission of this information by the finalists is June 30th, 2019. After this date the festival will not be responsible for the reception of any materials.
FotoFilm Tijuana will print and assemble an exhibition featuring the work of all 40 finalists as selected by the Jury in accordance to this call to select the award winners amongst finalist images.
The jury will issue the decision and announce the winners of the two categories, basing the results on the opening ceremony of the exhibition on July 26, 2019, in the CECUT within the framework of the activities of the 3rd edition of FotoFilm Tijuana.
The jury may declare the contest void or mull in any of the categories in dependent on the artistic valuation of participating works or if a category does not achieve a minimmum participation of 30 registered participants.
Any issue or circumstancex not expressly provided for within this call will be resolved by the organizers and their decision will be unappealable.
The registration and participation of finalists on FOTOCompetiton FFTJ2019 Contest implies their acceptance, without reservations, that the submitted works may be published on any printed or electronic medium for the purpose of promotion or communication of the competiton or FotoFilm Tijuana 2019 and its’ activities always crediting the image’s author.


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