Open Large Format 2021

3 projects will be selected and displayed outdoors in the festival are


Photography can also be on the street and, for this reason, one of the objectives of BFOTO Festival is to bring photography closer to citizens. The idea is to enjoy the journey itself, connecting the vision of photographers with the urban space in order to achieve an aesthetic and conceptual reflection on the city and photography. In that way, the street becomes an exhibition space where photography is as important as the surroundings and its people.
Throughout Open – Large Format, you have the opportunity to take part in a festival that aims to give visibility to emerging photographers and where training and exchange are the axis of a project that promotes dialogue and learning. And everything in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere integrated into a rural environment where culture and photography are the protagonists.
3 projects will be selected and displayed outdoors in the festival area. The images size is freely chosen, but images must adapt to a vertical canvas of 2 x 1.30 m or proportional format.
The exhibition will take place in August 2021, when the festival is held. The organisation will take over production and setting up of the selected projects, agreeing with the authors on the number of photographs, materials, supports and distribution of the works.
BFOTO festival commits to the following: Two-night accommodation for one person, Promotion of entrants in the festival framework through media, web, social media, etc. Publication in the general catalogue of the festival.


3 Exhibitions and two-night accommodation for one person


Open to any interested author, on behalf of themselves or a collective

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Entrants take responsibility for the authorship and originality of the works submitted. Thus, the intellectual property rights of the submitted works belongs to the authors.
Entrants guarantee that they have the express consent of the people appearing in the project, as required by law.
BFOTO Festival will be allowed to use the submitted works exclusively for promoting and diffusing its activities. Always including the author's name.


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