Out From The Mist

Changing th way people see mental health


This competition, which opens for entries in July 2019, is about mental illness, but is also about so much more. Individuals facing challenges to their mental wellbeing are varied in their experiences and their responses. This competition hopes to capture the breadth of that diversity, from the experiences of pain and suffering, caring and empathy for loved ones, through to the elation of conquering obstacles.

All stories are valid and welcome: the competition aims to showcase the strengths and the travails, the joyous moments and the sad, of those who directly or indirectly confront the challenges of mental illness.

Exhibition 5 to 12 October, Brisbane City Hall and Kelvin Grove Creative Arts Precinct, Brisbane Australia.


First prize courtesy of Affinity Photo is $3,650 (AUD) and licenses for Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Affinity Publisher.
Second Prize, courtesy of CameraPro, is $1,000 and a $500 voucher.
Four prizes of $1,000 each to the next best four photos, and
Six prizes of Affinity Photo editing software.


A lived experience mental health, or friends, families and others close to them.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Entrants keep copyright, the contest takes a non-exclusive license for promoting mental health and the contest. Details here http://www.outfromthemist.com/about/