The selected photos will be the material of the exhibition Parenthood(


The current public debate in Greece on same-sex marriage has highlighted a number of issues beyond the question of rights. One of these, perhaps the most important, is the topic of parenthood. What does it mean to be a parent in the early 21st century?
How is it understood, if it is still understood, the joy of this status that is no longer taken for granted? How can we express it visually?
The exhibition will take place at the Kapralos Museum, in the city of Agrinio, in May on the occasion of Mother's Day as part of the Photopolis pre-festival events. Christos Kapralos is one of the few New Greek sculptors to have dealt with the theme of motherhood in such a systematic and profound way. He still has something to tell us that escapes the old and modern stereotypes.


The selected photos will be the material of the exhibition Parenthood(s), which will be held at the Kapralos Museum, in Agrinio, next to the works of the sculptor Christos Kapralos dedicated to the "Mother".


the best photos will be selected by a jury

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