Photo competition “Creating Good” – for hospitals and retirement homes

Photographic images could help ill and elderly people feel better


Charity platform (Merciful) invites all amateur and professional photographers to send us their photographs, photographs that inspire and can lift human spirit. You can capture everything around you that you find beautiful, which gives hope, or you see as an image of goodness. The photographs could show landscapes, portraits, urban scenes or details. We will print out and frame the best photos. Then we will donate them to retirement homes people and hospitals all around Bulgaria so they can become part of permanent exhibitions there. We believe places like these should not be depressing. We also believe that inspirational photographic images could help ill and elderly people feel better, to recover and maintain their faith in goodness and beauty. The competition is organised as part of the traditional initiative of - "Creating Good" 2018.

How do I participate?
Send us up to 5 of yours photos (approximately 2000 pixels at one side, 300 dpi, RGB) to email

George Dimitrov
Georgi Dimitrov is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Arts at the Academy of Music and Fine Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Once attracted by photography, it has become his profession for years. In his work he combines graphic design, photography and typography. Georgi Dimitrov participates in various projects, as well as in national and international exhibitions.

Sonya Stankova
Sonya Stankova is one of the most established photographers in Bulgaria, with her own distinctive artistic style. At the beginning of her professional career she worked as a Studio photographer, and participated in a number of photographic projects and advertising campaigns. In her work, she goes through different stages, using individual approach and experimenting with new techniques for each project. She participates in almost all major forums in the country as well as in international events and exhibitions.

Tanya Varbeva
Tanya Varbeva is a Professor of photography at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In her work, she combines contemporary photographic techniques with alternative photographic processes. She participates actively in the cultural events in the city of Plovdiv.
* The photographs need to meet the theme of the competition.
* The photographs need to have original creative concept and appropriate means of expression (colours, composition, contrast, details, symbols, etc.).
* The photographs and photographers need to meet the eligibility requirements.


* First prize: 300 Euro
* Second prize: 200 Euro
* Third prize: 100 Euro
* People Award (chosen by voting at Facebook vote): 75 Euro


All photographers, amateur and professional, age between 14 and 40.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Photographers retains all copyrights to their own images. The photographer's name will be included wherever the photographs are displayed. will have the rights to publish the photos at the website in order to promote organisation's initiatives. By applying to the contest, you declare that the photographs you submitted are only taken by you and do not violate any copyright, personal rights or intellectual property rights of any other person or organisation.


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