Photo Contest “Alicante” 2020

First prize: 1000 € and Golden Medal from CEF.


Club Fotográfico Alicante (CFA), in collaboration with Alicante City Council (Department of Culture) is pleased to invite you to participate in their sixth International Photographic Contest in Alicante.

Free topic. The theme of the photographs is open.

Works to be presented:
- Collections: four photographs about a common thematic unity.
- General individual photos: up to three photographs about different topics.
- Local categories: up to three photographs on each one.
- Mobile: up to three photographs on each one.
- Any photo could be presented as an individual or as a part of a collection, but it cannot be granted more than one award.
- The photographs must not have obtained any prize at any other competitions before the admission date.
- The color technique is free: black-and-white or color.

The members of the jury will be appointed by the organizers of the contest. All of them must be of renowned prestige in the photographic field. Their last decision cannot be appealed.

Exhibition and digital catalogue:
With the aim to offer a wide circulation of the the winning images, there will be an exhibition from 2th of June to 31st of August 2020 in the Municipal Exhibition Hall located in “Centro Municipal de las Artes”, Alicante, or in any other Municipal Exhibition Hall appointed for that event. Every image displayed will credit the author’s name.
A digital catalogue containing the winning images of the contest will be published. A copy of the catalogue will be sent to participants upon payment of the entry fee.


The awards will be divided into the following categories:

Collections category:
Three awards to the best assessed photographies taking into account the quality and the thematic unity of the 4 works of each collection:

– First prize: 1000 € and Golden Medal from CEF.
– Second prize: 600 € and Silver Medal from CEF.
– Third prize: 450 € and Bronze Medal from CEF.

Individuals category:

Fifth awards to the best assessed photographies:

– First prize: 500 € and Silver Medal from FLF.
– Second prize: 400 € and Silver Medal from FLF.
– Third prize: 300 €. And Bronze Medal from FLF.
– Fourth prize: 250 € and Honour Diploma from FLF.
– Fifth prize: 200 € and Honour Diploma from FLF.

Local awards to citizens from Alicante city municipality category:

Awards to the best individual photographies by citizens from Alicante city Municipality:

– First prize: 300 €.
– Second prize: 200 €.
Two awards to photographies taken with mobile phones:

– First prize: 150 €.
– Second prize: 100 €.

Participants can only aim for one cash award, which will be subject to the tax law in force, and the withholding legally established will be applied.

The winners must be up-to-date in complying with the fulfillment of tax obligations and towards Social Security imposed by the current dispositions


This contest is open to amateur and professional photographers from all around the world.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The contestants are responsible to ensure that there are no third party rights or claims of image copyright.