Photo contest “Family and love”

Photo contest “Family and love”


You love to spend time with dear to you people? There is nothing more valuable than the family. Share with our audience the unforgettable moments spent together with them. So, you can win great cash prizes by participating in VOUBS contests.

Family is perhaps one of the most important things into the life of every person. So wherever you are, together with them you feel safe, secure and well. The focus of your media, must be on: family; husband; wife; children; relatives; love.

With a little planning, photographing of loved ones is fun. Here are some quick tips that might help you: Use a tripod if possible. Shoot in manual exposure mode. Lock focus or use manual. Arrange the heads of the people staggered. Let children be children. Light is the key. And remember to have fun.


The winner with the highest overall score will receive 100 euros cash prize. Ranked from 2nd to 10 as an encouragement award in his account.


International, 18+

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

For the purpose of participating in the Contest the Participants shall submit a completely new material – media files created specifically for the Contest.

By entering the Contest, the Participants understand and agree that upon receipt of an award their names and media/s could be used in audio, print and video materials by the Organizer, for which the Organizer does not owe any payment.

The Participants agree the Organizer or authorized by him persons to communicate with them through phone calls, e-mail and SMS messages during the Contest and for a period of three months thereafter. The access to personal data of the Participants serves to establish contact therewith.

The Participant is personally liable for the correctness of the data submitted during the Contest. The provided information will be used for the purposes of the Contest and may be disclosed to third parties.

The Organizer is not liable for MEDIA files which have been lost.

The Organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Contest or to amend the GENERAL TERMS at any time, for any valid technical or commercial reason.

The Organizer has the right to disqualify any applicant who does not meet the requirements to the Participants and their MEDIA files and Projects, indicated in these GENERAL TERMS, even in case the application of the Participant has been presented on the VOUBS Contest page.

The Participants undertake until the determination of the winner of the Contest not to transfer and make available to third parties copyrights over the MEDIA files, arising under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the specific contest rules, by accepting the current GENERAL TERMS, the Contestant agrees that, in case s/he is the award winner, all copyrights over the MEDIA files arising under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, remain the property of the Contestant.

The Participant reserves the right to change and alter the provided MEDIA files by sending a request to the Organizer at;

With presenting the MEDIA files, the Participant declares that he is the sole author of the latter and that the MEDIA file is his original work. The Participant declares that he is the sole holder of the copyright and that the latter does not include trademarks or other intellectual property rights of a third individual or corporation.

By applying to participate in the Contest the Participants declare that they have accepted these GENERAL TERMS.

The participant shall indemnify the Organizer:

At any claims by third parties relating to the rights and use of the MEDIA files, provided to the Organizer, under these GENERAL TERMS as well as in case of damages incurred to the Organizer as a result of the acquisition and use of the PHOTOS.

The Participant shall indemnify the Organizer and all third parties for all damages and lost benefits, including paid fines, for all costs and paid legal fees, that have occurred as a result of claims by and/or compensations paid to third parties in connection with his participation in the Contest in violation of the applicable law and these GENERAL TERMS.


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