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The exhibition will be hosted in Milan,Italy


On the occasion of the third edition of the Menstrual Cycle Festival, we are thrilled to announce the "Corpo a Corpo" photographic open call.
Participation is open to all photographers (professional and amateur) over the age of 18, with a selection of images that address the theme of this edition in an original and creative way.

The works received will be evaluated by a jury composed of: artistic direction of the Festival, Rocco Venezia (curator and visual artist), Giulia Bardelli (co-founder Studio But Maybe, art director Promise Aps) and Lorenzo Louis Pradelli (art director Sleek Magazine).

The theme selected this year by the artistic direction of the FDCM for the exhibition is "Corpo a Corpo" (body-to-body).

What energy do our bodies release? What happens if multiple bodies, together in a single space, unite or contrast different energies?

Whether small or large, whether he feels free or caged. Whether poor or rich, young or old, healthy or infirm, screaming or silent. Of man or woman, neither man nor woman. Imagine the body, imagine it body to body.


Collective installation
The exhibition will be co-curated by the creative direction of the Festival and Rocco Venezia (curator and visual artist).

At the discretion of the jury and curators, all relevant photographs will be displayed in the installation. The selected artists will receive a guaranteed place in the exhibition with one or more images and their names will be included in the main credits.

The exhibition will be hosted in Milan,Italy in one of the more than 120m2 spaces of Rob de Matt, a social promotion association that promotes sociability, quality of life, care and protection of the weakest, combating situations of hardship.

Some photographs will be included in "Period Up: the Report", a publication that collects contributions and reflections arising from the FDCM's activities on the menstrual cycle, female health and hygiene, and which will be presented and distributed at the 2024 Festival.


Open To All

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Copyrights for all Photographs sent will remain of the authors.


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