POY – 76th Annual Pictures of the Year International Competition

$1,000 cash prizes & Tiffany crystal trophies


Welcome to the 76th annual the Pictures of the Year International competition. POY is the oldest and the most prestigious photojournalism program and competition in the world. Each year, POY recognizes excellence in photojournalism, multimedia, and visual editing. POY is committed to engaging citizens worldwide with great documentary photography by sponsoring educational public exhibitions.

The mission of Pictures of the Year International is to recognize excellence in documentary photography and photojournalism, within still photography, motion photojournalism (videography) and visual editing in both print and online formats.

"Show truth with a camera," remains the guiding principle as articulated by POY founder Cliff Edom in 1943.

Pictures of the Year International sets the following criteria for the context of images as well as digital post-production image corrections.

All photographers, editors or contest coordinators submitting entries are required to accept these standards for the Spirit of the Competition when entering the competition.


$1,000 cash prizes & Tiffany crystal trophies for top Premier winners:
• Photographer of the Year
• Documentary Project of the Year
• World Understanding Award

$500 cash prizes & Tiffany crystal trophies for top Premier winners:
• Newspaper Photographer of the Year
• Sports Photographer of the Year
• Multimedia Photographer of the Year
• Environmental Vision Award
• Community Awareness Award
• Best Photography Book Award

Individual category winner:
1st — Engraved plaque awards
2nd, 3rd, & AE — Certificate awards



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Pictures of the Year International (POY) recognizes and respects that copyrights are held by the photographer and/or news organization. I grant permission to Pictures of the Year International and the Missouri School of Journalism to use my submitted photographs in exhibitions, in publications, and in promotions of the competition itself, and for educational, research, and historical record purposes concerning Pictures of the Year International. This usage includes, but is not limited to, slides/tapes, television film/tapes, videodisc, DVDs, CDs, websites, and any other type of mechanical, electronic, or digital dissemination system. Winning photographs, published tearsheets, editing displays, multimedia productions, and other images selected for historic significance become part of the permanent POY Archive.


Documentary Photojournalism