Premio BìFoto 2019

3 exhibitions at BìFoto Fest 2019


The theme for the year 2019 has been suggested, as usual, by the title of a well-known song of the Italian singer-songwriter scene. In fact, it will be the notes of the eclectic and bearded Vinicio Capossela that will be the leitmotif of the exhibitions, which will ask (how will all of us and visitors) about the question: "What is love?". A question not at all taken for granted, if you think that some languages, such as Arabic, decline this feeling in a thousand different ways ... ecstasy, passion, physical love, sometimes impossible, philosophically platonic, towards everything or nothing at all. You can love a man, a woman, an animal, your land, friends and family, the reflection of a mirror, a book, a song, the scent of coffee that brings to mind a memory dear ...
Also this time the appointment with the Author's Photography confirms its main purpose, that is the desire to "read" the world, the attempt to understand the daily life and to share this art. Those who wish to participate in the BìFoto Prize will have until midnight on 25 February 2019 to present a minimum of one to a maximum of three photographic projects (from 8 to 12 photographs each), accompanied by a short biography and a description of the work done. entry fee: 15,00 €


3 exhibitions at BìFoto Fest 2019


All amateur or profesional photographers from all over the world

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All participants must be in possession of the rights of publication and use of photographs