Premio Combat Prize 2020

€ 4000 Euros to the winner of the Photography category


The Blob ART Cultural Association is announcing an art prize aimed at promoting and enhancing Contemporary Art. The competition entails the selection of 80 artworks from five different categories Painting, Drawing, Photography, Video Arts, Sculpture and Installation. It will culminate in the exhibition of the finalists' works; the publication of a catalogue; the awarding of prize money; the awarding of a special prize by the Blob ART Cultural Association; three special prizes by Lucca Art Fair and a special prize by Poliart. The exhibition, as well as the judging panel’s voting and the award ceremony, will be held in Livorno, Italy, at the "Museo Civico G. Fattori, ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli", from October 10 to October 31, 2020.


Prizes will be distributed as shown below:

€ 6000 (six thousand) Euros to the winner of Painting category
6000 (six thousand) Euros to the winner of the Sculpture and Installation category
€ 4000 (four thousand) Euros to the winner of the Photography category

€ 3000 (three thousand) Euros to the winner of the Drawing category
€ 3000 (three thousand) Euros to the winner of the Video Arts category
* (the winning artwork will remain property of the artist)

Special Prize SAC - spazio arte contemporanea - awarded by the Associazione culturale Blob ART – individual exhibition at SAC - spazio arte contemporanea Livorno.
Special Prize Poliart* - The leading makers of polystyrene foam will reward an artist selected among the finalists by supporting the production of a new artwork.
Special Prize Art Tracker* - Three artists will be selected from the Combat Prize finalists to be included in the calendar of the LUCCA ART FAIR with a curatorial project that will be exhibited during the event in 2021.

As required by the law, a tax of 25% will be withheld from all prize money. The winning artworks in the Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Installation, Photography categories and the winning artwork of the Special prize Sac, will become property of the Associazione Culturale Blob ART. All the other artworks, including the winners of the Video Arts category, and Special Prize Art Tracker Special Prize Poliart will remain the property of the artists.


This competition is open to all contemporary artists worldwide. There are no age restrictions or thematic constraints

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The organization, Associazione Culturale Blob ART, will ensure the greatest care of the artworks in its custody. However, it will not be liable for theft, fire or any damages to artworks or people that might occur during the organization of the event. Any insurance request should be submitted directly by the participants.