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Curiosity: The Compass To Our Passions


Curiosity: The Compass To Our Passions.

Curiosity, looking without judgement. The urge to understand the world and other people better. It’s a mindset deeply needed in a world of constant change. And a climate in which polarization seems so much more common than building bridges.

The LGBTQI+ Community is by nature curious about differences. Confronted with ‘being different’, the first phase for many of us was to resist or deny our uniqueness. We needed to be curious about ourselves to come to terms with who we are. Curiosity helped us to question our convictions and assumptions. This curiosity is something we can offer to the world. But is also something we need from the people around us. Because curiosity sparks question marks and makes one inquisitive, whilst at the same time stimulating knowledge and human development further, which creates a more inclusive world.

We are looking for artists and images that will trigger curiosity about the LGBTQ Community. Pictures that makes us want to know more about what we see. Images that make you stop to actually look and see what is going on. Iconic glimpses in a reality that will question and challenge our present view of the world and others. Ideally, they will create a dialogue to open up about our fears and dreams. To learn, be intrigued about what we see and be more curious about sex, gender and sexuality.

Do you have (a series of) images that will suit this quest? We invite you to answer to our open call. Follow your curiosity and read more about the terms and conditions for our expo to be held in November 2020 in Amsterdam.


The production of an exhibition by Pride Photo, starting in Amsterdam (and with the possibility of the exhibition to travel)

Travel & accommodation for 2 nights for the Opening Ceremony (depending on travel regulations due to COVID-19)

In the event of travel restrictions, the prize might include a monetary reward (with a maximum of €1.000,=) or photography equipment

Being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals, photography lovers, thousands of visitors and in the media

Dedicated entry and special mention on the Pride Photo website, as well as inclusion in Pride Photo PR & marketing campaign



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

You retain copyright to your work and your images will not be sold or used for commercial purposes.