Participation in real and virtual exhibition in Bristol, UK.


The Arts Exhibition and Performances organised by Bristol Art Gallery and Unconventional Computing Lab UWE Bristol.

Protocognition refers to the ability of non-living creatures and substances without a nervous system to acquaint themselves with information, recognize stimulatory spaces, accumulate knowledge, and develop wisdom. It encompasses various processes such as sensing, decision mapping, learning, reasoning, believing, and even exhibiting emotional states through chemical and physical substrates.

Artists, scientists, musicians, and engineers are encouraged to submit their work, exploring how apparently non-intelligent or even non-living substrates demonstrate a remarkable capacity to sensibly and purposefully gather information about their surroundings, analyse this information concurrently, and make decisions based on the analysis.

Formats of potential submissions include photographs of artworks, installations, processes, videos of sound and visual performances, sculptures, artefacts, performances in person.

Curator: Irina Petrova Adamatzky (Director of Bristol Art Gallery)

Scientific advisory board: Prof Andrew Adamatzky (UWE Bristol), Prof. Konrad Szaciłowski (AGH University Krakow), Prof. Alessandro Chiolerio (IIT Genoa).


Participation in real and virtual exhibition in Bristol, UK.


The competition is open to all.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All rights belongs to authors.
Works will be used in the exhibition and promotion materials.