RAISE YOUR ZINE! 3rd Edition

THE DOCKS launches its third call!


RAISE YOUR ZINE! 3rd Edition
THE DOCKS aps is an association founded in 2020 by five professionals with different skills in the artistic field united by the desire to show and make usable the many faces of the author’s photography.
THE DOCKS carries out cultural and research activities with the aim of investigating photographic experimentation and the contamination of the visual arts. The association is also responsible for the curatorship and production of photographic fanzines and at the festival RAISE YOUR ZINE! organized by THE DOCKS, launches its third call.
THE DOCKS aps invites talented photographers worldwide to participate in the third edition of RAISE YOUR ZINE! Submit your photographic projects for a chance to produce a fanzine and exhibit your work at the RAISE YOUR ZINE! festival in Naples at the end of 2024.


Production of a photographic fanzine and exhibition at the festival.



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