Rephotography Contest 2018 – Take us on a journey through time with your best “Now and Then” pictures

Take us on a journey through time with your “Now and Then” pictures

“Now and Then” images feature a scene from the exact point of view at different points in time.

- Find an old picture you’re allowed to use (e.g. in your grandparents’ photo album, at your city’s archive or at Wikimedia Commons)
- Re-take the picture from exactly the same perspective. Here is a guide to help you.
- Upload both images to (best results on a PC), add some description and all necessary information. Add the mandatory tag "Reddit Contest 2018". Publish the image.
- The 10 most upvoted links will win the gift cards.

All information in the reddit announcement post:


Total: 550 USD in gift cards


see reddit announcement post

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

see reddit announcement post


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