Royal Society of Biology Photography Competition 2017

This year's theme is the Hidden World.

The natural world harbours a wealth of secrets and surprises and we invite you to capture or uncover this hidden world of biology.

You might wish to explore the kingdom of microorganisms, too small to be seen by human eyes; or the world which exists hidden to us underground or under the sea – the lives of earthworms or spawning coral, for example. You could capture an example of camouflage, such as the angler fish which has evolved to blend perfectly with its surroundings. Your photograph could portray a side to biology which is not physically hidden but which often escapes our notice, like fungi, or landscapes that remain unseen by most of us due to their extreme or inaccessible locations.

We welcome entries that explore this theme at the molecular or sub-cellular level, illustrating the complexity of life which is only revealed to us with the aid of a microscope.


There are two categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:

Photographer of the Year (18 and over) - £1,000 top prize
Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) - £500 top prize


The competition is free to en ter and is open to Society members and non - members. Entrants must not be professional photographers. For the purposes of this competition, a professional photographer will be considered to be someone who makes more than half their annual income from photog raphy - related work .

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The copyright of the entire image must belong to the entrant.