SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest – Summer Edition

SHOOT Behind The Scenes (BTS) Photo Contest


Behind every type of motion picture (movie, TV, commercial, MV, web video) is a production and post team planning and coordinating every detail. From location selection to casting wardrobe, hair and makeup to storyboards and production design, filming to animation/VFX, editing and music and sound, fitting everything together visually to tell a story. SHOOT has long held a deep commitment to showcasing these behind the scenes filmmakers and artisans in the field of motion picture production and post for filmmaking, TV, Commercialmaking, and online video. To deepen this long-held commitment to reporting on the motion picture production and postproduction visual artists, companies, and tools, who create and tell stories,SHOOT magazine and SHOOTonline is announces the launch of the SHOOT “Behind The Scenes” (BTS) Photo Contest.

Fascinating, ingenious, creative people read and follow SHOOT everyday. And, the Editors of SHOOT want to showcase their expertise in a fun simple way. We invite filmmaking crews, from around the world, to give us a glimpse into your shoot, where ever it may be, of you, your associates and colleagues in action be it movies, TV, music videos, commercials, or webisodes. An insider’s perspective into you, your shoot, your team, or your company. Whether on location or in the studio we want to see our readers doing what they do best... producing and finishing motion pictures!

This bi-annual photo contest — to be held during the summer and winter - is designed to encourage and promote the image of visual storytellers by showcasing their work-in-process, skills, creativity, tools in the art of motion pictures production and post one picture at a time. The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest is a perfect opportunity for the professionals who are creating, shaping and defining the world of the motion pictures production and post to be seen and better understood.


SHOOT will award the following prizes (at a minimum)

One (1) overall grand prize winner will receive: $500 USD Photo published on the cover of SHOOT magazine and photo feature inside the issue. Placement on's homepage and on all SHOOT digital ePubs including SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT >e.dition, SHOOT Screenwork and The SHOOT >e.dition. 1 year PRO membership

One (1) overall runner-up winner will receive a $250 Starbucks gift card, Mention in SHOOT Magazine and Placement on's homepage and on all SHOOT digital ePubs including SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT >e.dition, SHOOT Screenwork and The SHOOT >e.dition. 1 year PLUS membership to

8 honorable mention winners will receive mention in SHOOT Magazine and Placement on's homepage and on all SHOOT digital ePubs including SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT >e.dition, SHOOT Screenwork and The SHOOT >e.dition. 1 year PLUS membership to


The SHOOT BTS photo contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers in the United States, Canada, and worldwide except where prohibited by law

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

By submitting, you confirm that the images are lawfully yours (or your clients if agent) and you retain full copyright discretion. As between you and SHOOT, each entrant shall retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in the entry subject to these Official Rules. However, by entering the Contest, and to the extent allowed by law, entrant grants, but solely in relation to the promotion and/or advertising of the Contest and it’s print and digital displays, the Producer, the Producer's Sponsors, the Producer’s affiliates, licensees, promotional partners, developers and third party marketing entities a non-exclusive worldwide, royalty-free license, in perpetuity, to modify, rearrange, copy, reproduce and adapt the images only to fit the format required for product web pages and marketing materials; The copyright owner grants a license to publish and use the images themselves and the content of and elements embodied in the images, including any names, locations and likenesses, in perpetuity, in any and all media, including but not limited to print, digital and electronic media, computer, and audiovisual media (whether now existing or hereafter devised), in any language, throughout the world, and in any manner without further review, notice, approval, consideration, or compensation ONLY IN THE CONTEXT OF THE SHOOT "BEHIND THE SCENES" PHOTO CONTEST. Sponsors, its affiliates, partners consultants, will not commercially exploit the images and all such rights of commercial exploitation remain with entrants.

Photographs owned by a third party, are acceptable IF license has been secured to permit your submission to this contest and allows the Producer to use the images as outlined in all these rules.

If a submitted image includes other people, entrant must be prepared to provide a signed written personal release from all persons who appear in the image authorizing use of the image. Entrants do not need to send release(s) with submissions but will be contacted if personal releases are needed. Failure to provide the required releases will result in disqualification of the entry.

Work For Hire Agreements
SHOOT is in no way trying to infringe on the copyrights, work rules, union or guild rules or businesses of any movie, TV, commercial, other other motion picture producer(s). By entering this Contest, an entrant is indicating his/her bts photo(s) are not in violation of any "work for hire" agreement or contract under under U.S. copyright law. If a submission is deemed in violation of a "work for hire" agreement, at the sole discretion of the Producer, it is ineligible. Photos that violate or infringe upon another person's or company's rights, including but not limited to copyright or "work for hire" copyright will be disqualified from the Contest. And, SHOOT reserves the right to reject and remove any submissions deemed inappropriate without recourse or explanation.