Single Photo Call 2022: THE YEAR IN PHOTOS

The winning photos will be in the Calender.


The FrstHand Calendar is back! Submit your best photos of 2022 and be featured!

The world has seen a lot this year. War returned to Europe, causing the displacement of more than 14 million people. There were elections and natural disasters. We saw people stepping up to help people in need and the world's best athletes meeting to compete at the winter Olympics. We said goodbye to prominent world leaders including Shinzo Abe, Mikhail Gorbachev and Elizabeth II. Economically, there has been a surge in inflation even as pandemic restrictions eased.

We will be welcoming the next year with your best photos from 2022. We will be publishing our 13 winners in our FrstHand 2023 Calendar with the names of the authors. A downloadable version of the calendar will be available to FrstHand creators and partners around the world.

Share your best, most representative photos from 2022 for a chance to be featured in our next calendar! As part of their prize, winners will receive their own printed calendar.


13 winners $40 each



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

FrstHand rights granted -By submitting your content in the call, you grant Frsthand the right to share and promote your work on the platform and FrstHand social media channels, including the use of a commercial nature. You must own and control the copyright to all photos you submit. FrstHand can guarantee appropriate attribution


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