Skylife Photo Contest 2019

The contest will present flight tickets worth of $12,000


Are you ready to tell the entire world about your world, perspective, feelings, what you see, your philosophy, what you know and hear? How about inviting people from all across the world to this journey of discover? Turkish Airlines’ world-spanning photography contest is beginning.
Held last year under the theme of “The City and the Child” and participated by 9,300 photographs evaluated by an international jury, the magnificent contest’s theme this year is “Discover.”


The contest will present flight tickets worth of $12,000 for the first prize, $6,000 for the second prize, and $3,000 for the third prize. The top three photographers selected by the FIAP, GPU, and TFSF will receive a flight tickets worth of $1,000 each.
The winning photographs, chosen by an international jury in closed session, will be announced on the contest section of Skylife’s website and the websites of the federations. You can access terms of application and other information regarding the contest on Skylife’s website ( and the websites of the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF), International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), and Global Photographic Union (GPU)


All participants must be of the age of 18.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

For the works granted awards and exhibition in the contest, the Photographer and Turkish Airlines will jointly beentitled to the publishing, royalty, utilization and exhibition rights, as well as processing rights as defined in Article 21, reproduction rights as defined in Article 22, dissemination rights as defined in Article 23, representation rights as defined inArticle 24 and public broadcasting through signal, audio and/or video transmission means as defined in Article 25 of the Law No.5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. The works will be kept in the Turkish Airlines archives. The photographer will be deemed to have given his/her permission/consent in advance for the use of his/her work. Works granted awards and exhibition as a result of the contest will be treated as having been purchased by Turkish Airlines with their copyrights.