Stanley Greene Legacy Prize & Fellowship 2020

The fellow will receive a $10,000 prize


The aim of The Stanley Greene Legacy Prize & Fellowship is to support the work and professional aspirations of underrepresented photojournalists from the United States who create work that echoes the passion with which Stanley approached photography.

Stanley’s perspective was informed by his travels - he left home and went outside his comfort-zone in order to highlight the injustices of the world.

Applicants should be ready and willing to expand their worldview in a similar fashion. Simply put, the vision of photographers of color should be seen everywhere, at home and abroad, and the fellowship will help make that happen.

The one-year fellowship under the stewardship of Stanley’s colleagues at NOOR includes training, grant-writing support, and networking with media industry leaders to open pathways for the fellow’s work to reach wider audiences in the U.S. and Europe.

NOOR will promote and distribute the fellow’s body of work around the world.


The fellow will receive a $10,000 prize fellowship plus travel expenses for field reporting or research up to $2500


Applicants should be early-career photographers, in the first ten years of their professional career, who show great promise and an unquenchable desire to practice photojournalism with a purpose.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Candidates are asked to provide a current website, Instagram feed or 20 images to show their work, passion and style. They are also asked for an Artist’s Statement of 500 words or less, describing why they are interested in being a photographer, what topics they are drawn to, and what their dream assignment would be.