Tamron 2018 Summer Social Life Showcase

Win any Tamron lens of your choice.


Tamron’s seasonal theme is open to your interpretation. Summer time is the time for socializing. Use this time to capture your travels, a get together with family and friends, sundrenched beachy scenes and all the details in between. Keep your skills sharp by sharing (2) top images for consideration.


Grand Prize: Win any Tamron lens of your choice. The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded from the quarterly finalists on May 15, 2019 and receive recognition in the Graduation TamronEDU Newsletter Edition.

Finalists: 10 entries from each seasonal contest will win a Tamron Nike Polo Shirt and will be eligible to win the Grand Prize of a Tamron Lens of your choice! All Finalists and the Grand Prize Winner will be featured on @TamronEDU social channels.


Finalists must reside in the USA and be a currently enrolled student.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Finalists must sign an affidavit confirming the winning image does not infringe on any other’s rights and enrollment in stated school or university.


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