The British Photography Awards

Celebrating The Best In British Photography


The British Photography Awards is a charity oriented photography prize open to all UK residents and British photographers the world over. We accept work taken anywhere in the world.
To qualify for entry you must either be a full-time UK resident or hold a UK passport. Photos can have been taken anywhere in the world.
The inaugural British Photography Awards show will be held at The Savoy on January 28th, invitations will be sent to those who place highly in the competition.
Our categories include Street Photography, Pet Photography, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Drone Photography, Sports Photography, Documentary Photography, Macro Photography, Animal Photography, Landscape Photography and even best Selfie Competition.
Our innovative non-profit model raises money for some of the UK's most important charities, and the prizes for our competition scale with the popularity, so the more people enter, the more money we raise for charity, and the higher the prizes get for photographers!
We have a class-leading website that is fun and easy to use, as well as a panel of expert judges, and an academy board of industry greats. Time to get involved and start doing some good with your work!


Cash prize scales with competition.
Awards event at The Savoy in January -international media coverage.


UK residents of any nationality, and UK passport holders globally.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

2. Image Rights
2.1 All entries must be in the sole ownership of the entrant and not infringe on the copyright of any other party.
2.2 All entries must be made by the individual whose details are presented with the submission.
2.3 The copyright ownership will remain with the owner after submission and will not be transferred to Admin.
2.4 The owner of the copyright will be credited in any instance of publication in any media form using their names as provided by them in their submission(s).
2.5 If applicable to the instance, the Admin may also add a 'link' or web pathway to the credit text for the photographic website of the copyright owner. These links will always be the same as those submitted on entry and Admin are under no obligation to update such information. This responsibility rests solely with the entrant.
2.6 The owner of the copyright agrees to grant Admin a non-exclusive licence to reproduce, publish and exhibit their images upon entering the Competition. This licence specifically applies to ONLY instances that directly involve the Competition and displaying of the photographs at public events. This licence extends but is not limited to cover usage on the Admin website, publicity, email transmission, print media and Admin operated social media.
2.7 No merchandising or profiteering will be undertaken without seeking separate agreement from the entrant.
2.8 Instances where Admin requires the transmission of copyrighted material for the printing of publicity posters, banners or leaflets & guides as well as associated publicity is also to be accepted under this agreement.
2.9 The copyright owner also gives permission for the Admin to send their copyright property (image files and captions) to judges on the Admin's systems to facilitate the judging process.
2.10 In cases of inadvertent unaccredited disclosure to the public of any material the Admin can take no responsibility. Every effort will be made to ensure that this does not become an eventuality.
2.11 Admin will offer full refund at any time to any entrant who wishes to withdraw their entry from the competition. The request must be sent though and must include proof of I.D. and address that correspond to our information on file for it to be granted.


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