The Documentary Project Fund 2017

$5000 + $3500 Grants


TheDocumentaryProjectFund Call-For-Entries is open to emerging and established still photographers. All applicants must have the appropriate skill level necessary to plan and execute a documentary project. Selected artists will have one year to complete the photographic work.

We want quality images and a compelling project. We are looking for people who are passionate about their projects, who care about their communities and who see photography as both art and a way to reach out to others. We want curiosity, open minds and a spirit of goodwill and adventure. We want photographers who are willing to not only do the work, but also spend the time getting that work out to the public.

Our focus is on community based projects and by that we mean your community. We believe there are stories to be found everywhere and that it is not necessary to fly around the world to find compelling ideas for work. We prefer to invest in local stories, rather than in airfare.


We will be offering 2 Project Support Awards. The first is our Established Artist $5000 award, open to anyone on any topic local to the photographer. The second is the Emerging Vision $3500 award, meant for new or transitioning photographers. If you are not sure which category you fit into, email us.


The Emerging Vision award is intended to support photographers who are either at the opening stages of a photographic career or who are making a career transition. You must decide which category you fit into and clearly state on your application why you are applying in this category.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The photographer retains full ownership of all work completed. The DPF will have non–exclusive rights to use images from the project on our website, or in promotional materials. We ask that each awarded photographer be willing to donate 2 image files from the project for use as donor gifts and for fundraising activities. The printed images will include the photographer’s copyright. The photographer will receive a tax receipt for the number of prints made from the file.
Any use outside of these parameters will be subject to the awardees consent.


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