The Independent Photographer’s Documentary Award 2018 judged by Mustafah Abdulaziz

First Prize: 1000$


Throughout June, The Independent Photographer is seeking entries for its Documentary Photography award. This month’s guest judge is photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz.

Abdulaziz is an award-winning American photographer who has spent the last seven years exploring and documenting the world’s relationship to water. This on-going project works in collaboration with various partners, from NGOs to grants and commissions from the United Nations and Google: - “a mirror for how we behave with the natural world: it is as much a documentation of our most precious resource as it is commentary on how our needs, desires and aspirations are shaping our future.”

Presented and exhibited widely, Mustafah’s images have been published everywhere from The New York Times, Zeit, Monocle to Newsweek, Le Monde and The New Yorker.

The competition is open to photographers from all ages and backgrounds with $1500 in prizes up for grabs, plus the winning photograph will appear in a group exhibition in Berlin and a photo book.

Documentary photography is much more than the chronicle of events and environments, it offers us the possibility to develop and share our ideas through telling the stories of others.

This month we are looking for visual artists aiming to captivate; unique voices willing to share their stories with conviction and awareness.

The Independent Photographer has grown substantially as a platform in the past two years, attracting high profile judges and an incredible quality of work. The site was established by photographers in 2016 in order to discover and provide a platform for the work of emerging artists globally, and as such, artists rights are strongly recognised and pictures are given full credit across all platforms.

To enter visit The Independent Photographer’s website.


First Prize: 1000$
Second Prize: 500$
Third Prize/ Honorable Mention : Professional feedback from our guest judge


Over 18

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