The Motif Collective “Colors” Competition

Win up to $2000 and over $300 in Prizes!


We  one of a very few online galleries to host Monthly Contests devoted exclusively to Fine Art Photography.

The ultimate goal of our program is to present the finer works of talented Photographers from all over the world to help them become successful in one of the most dynamic and challenging times on the global art scene.  The Motif Collective online suite of International Fine Art Photography contests gives artists the opportunity to both be recognized and present their best work to the world.

First impressions do have a big impact and the largest percentage of them are now happening online.
In addition to giving out some awesome Awards, we help Artists by adding another layer of credibility though elegant and well deserved recognition.

Colors is the theme for this months competition.  Vivid or subtle our world is filled with the beauty of magnificent color.  Colors with patterns and shape or singular and flat all add a magic to how we see the world around us!

Works will be selected based on creativity, quality of execution and uniqueness of vision. The work can be expressed from realism to abstraction.


Cash Awards up to $2000 to the Top Three Photographers

First Place also receives an additional $300 in products and services with:

A free copy of Perfect Effects 9.5 Premium Edition
A free copy of Topaz Adjust
A free 20x24 Gallery Wrap from WHCC
A free 16x24 Gallery Wrap Canvas from Miller's Professional Imaging
A free Pixel Pocket Rocket™

All winners receive a free copy of PSM Quest Limited Edition Tracker!


International over 18

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

You retain the copyright of your work. Submissions will only be used for the sole purpose of judging and promoting the competition.


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