The Visionary Award from the Tim Hetherington Trust

Innovation in visual storytelling

The Visionary Award is designed to foster innovative approaches to storytelling and as such it will support visionary individuals and offer inspiration to others by example. To achieve this we are looking for visual artists and journalists whose thinking and process reach beyond the limitations of conventional media practice to create engaging and dynamic communication pieces. We deliberately avoid defining the content or format of the nominations in the hope that we can attract truly innovative work, but innovation for its own sake is not sufficient: we are looking for work that effectively engages the audience using any appropriate technology to create and distribute a story that will inspire the audience and bring a fresh understanding of the chosen subject.




No limitations

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

All rights remain with the author

NOTE: Nomination for the award is by referral from a worldwide team of experts in disparate fields. The trust will appoint a review panel to assess the nominations, and experts with specialist knowledge will be invited as appropriate depending on the scope of the nominated work.
NOTE ALSO: Please remove the current online reference to the Tim Hetherington award that was made in association with the World Press Photo. This award is no longer offered