The WILD Photo Awards – Win UNCAPPED Prize Money

Compete for uncapped prize money every month

  • Deadline: 30 April 2023
  • Entry fee: 1 Image - £9 | 2 Images - £15 |3 Images - £20 | 4 Images - £24 | 5 Images £28 | 6 Images - £32
  • Website:

The WILD Photo Awards were founded on the prospects of delivering talented photographers a global platform to showcase their work and offer a realistic opportunity to monetise their passion through monthly photography competitions.

We give away 50% of our income as prize money in every competition – The global community of landscape and wildlife photographers is continuously growing, and opportunities to make a living in this industry have never been more competitive. The WILD Photo Awards aims to offer another avenue of income to talented photographers by running back-to-back photography competitions every quarter throughout the year, offering uncapped prize money to our winning entrants in every competition. Our prize money will always scale with the popularity of our competitions, and we won’t ever cap what we give out.


50% of all income received from entry fees is given back as prize money. The percentage of the prize money each winner will receive is as follows:

Winner - 35%
Runner-up - 15%


Open to amateur and professional photographers worldwide over the age of 18

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

By submitting images to our competitions you agree that:

You are the original creator and copyright holder of any image(s) submitted.

Images submitted do not breach any third party intellectual property rights, trademarks, or contract rights.

You have relevant model release documents and the permission of any persons included in submitted images. You also have the permission of any parents/guardians for any persons under the age of 18 shown in your images.

You will be responsible for any claims made by third party organisations regarding any legal breaches made against any of your entries, and grant WILD Photo Awards and associated persons full indemnity in respect of all royalties, compensation and legal fees which may occur as a result of any breaches you have made.

​WILD Photo Awards reserves the right to disqualify any entries at any point in time that breach any of the rules mentioned above, as well as report any potential legal breaches to appropriate authorities.

By entering images in to our competitions you agree that any entry that receives a winning or highly commended award may be used, without compensation, for promotional purposes of future WILD Photo Awards competitions.

WILD Photos Awards does not make any claims to the copyright of any submissions to our competitions

You grant WILD Photo Awards a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable license for all competition entries to be used, displayed, published, edited or sub-licensed for any purposes connected to our competitions. All images will be credited to the photographer when used.


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