TOP 25 BEST AUTHORS – Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society

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  • Deadline: 1 March 2023
  • Entry fee: Only Exhibition Fee: 1 section – 10$, 2 sections – 15$, 3 sections – 20$, 4 sections – 23$, 5 sections – 25$
  • Website:

This ranking is based on the acceptances and awards from our 2 annual exhibitions CAMPINA and ONYX, from all sections. This top is made annually after the end of the exhibitions season. The ranking calculation is made after judge’s scores from all sections in our 2 exhibitions. In case of equality between 2 or more authors, they will be classified by our international judges (Tibor Jakab, Teodor Radu Pantea and Mircea Anghel).
At the end of the exhibition season the ranking will be done and the top authors will be announced.
Authors will receive the Medals, Awards and Certificates by post office, free of charge; also there are no costs for postage!

To have the best chances of getting into the top, we invite you to participate in our both exhibitions in all 5 sections! This top will be made every year after the end of the exhibition season. Please participate with the same email address in both exhibitions otherwise centralization will not be possible correctly!

The publication of the results will be on 15 June 2023 for the previous exhibition season 2022 - 2023.

Authors will receive the Medals, Awards and Certificates by post office, free of charge! Also there are no costs for postage! Medals, Awards and Certificates will be shipped 2 weeks after their announcement. Awards are shipped with the premium recommended postal service with track number!

Top 25 Best Authors - CATALOG will be published on 1 July 2023. The catalog will contain a presentation of the winning authors and a selection of photos accepted by the winning authors. The catalog will be in PDF format and permanently available on the results page.


25 Medals, Awards and Certificates. Authors will receive the Medals, Awards and Certificates by post office, free of charge!



Copyrights & Usage Rights:

By submitting an entry, the entrant certifies that he is a sole owner of the rights to use sent images, including copyright, patent and/or other applicable rights. All models must be of Legal Age of consent or have guardian permissions issued. The exhibition organizers assume no liability for any copyright misuse conducted by entrants.


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