Travel Photography 2024 by The Artist Gallery Awards

Cash prize for the best 3 photos, worldwide exposure for the best 25


Are you ready to showcase the world through your lens? This is your chance to share the breathtaking beauty, vibrant cultures, and unforgettable moments you've captured during your travels. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a passionate amateur, we invite you to participate in our contest and celebrate the art of travel photography. Submit your best shots for a chance to win exciting prizes and have your work featured in our especial publication with Docu-Magazine. Embark on this visual journey with us and let your photos tell the story of your adventures!


1st place gets 15% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

2nd place gets 10% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

3rd place gets 5% of the money collected from the contest registration fees.

We will publish a blog about the photography career and aspirations of the best 3 photographers.

Up to 25 photographs will be shared in our social media channels and our photo gallery.

The best photographs will be also published in a special Docu-Magazine edition that will be sold globally.

Digital certificate for the best photographers.


Amateurs and professional photographers from any country

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

The Photographer keeps the credit of his/her photos.

The Artist Gallery team and its partners can use only the 25 best photos to promote future contests and share them in the website, social media and the Docu-Magazine printed publication, the photographer will always be quoted.


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