Vintage Grand Prix 2024

Shoot contest theme "Heritage" using analog photography!


Are you an amateur, enthusiast, professional, freelancer, or just a lover of analog photography?

We have a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills and win amazing prizes!
Until May 1, we are accepting submissions for the Vintage Grand Prix 2024 contest.

The theme of the competition is "Heritage" understood as cultural, scientific, and artistic treasures left by previous generations. For us, such heritage is the legacy of diverse traditional photography techniques, from daguerreotypes and wet plate collodion to Polaroids. The main theme constitutes an invitation to explore, document, and interpret this legacy, as well as to manifest its impact on our present. In the photography contest, participants can experiment with various concepts and express their individual perspective on the theme. From the submitted entries, winners will be selected based on the most interesting interpretations of the theme in their projects.

Do you have an idea for a photo series?
Shoot it (minimum 7 photos) and show us the result of your work.
Photos sent to the competition should be made in traditional techniques: film photography, polaroid, camera obscura, daguerreotype, wet collodion plate, calotype, cyanotype, and others. Only coherent photographic sets can be submitted (minimum of 7 photographs). Single photographs will not be considered by the commission.


I - 700 euro + an exhibition and an invitation to the festival
II - 450 euro + an exhibition and an invitation to the festival
III - 200 euro + an exhibition and an invitation to the festival


The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers and only to full legal capacity.

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Upon submitting the application, the Participant declares that he/she:

- is the author of the submitted Project and holds all and unlimited copyrights to it and that the Project is free from claims from third parties;

- grants the Organizer a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, subject to cessation, unlimited territorially license for 5 years (separate contract after this time) to use the awarded Project in order to implement and promote the 10th International Festival of Analog Photography Lovers — VINTAGE PHOTO FESTIVAL in all fields of exploitation.

The Organizer declares that the granted license will be used with respect for personal goods of the Participants.