We are family – Photocrowd contest

Enter your best photos of family and win a $600 Fuji X-A1 camera


'Family' has always been one of the most popular subjects in the world of photography. From expectant mothers to adorable infants, family get-togethers and other special occasions - often, it's the moments with family that we most want to make permanent through photography. In this contest, for a chance to win an amazing Fuji X-A1 camera and other great giveaways from Shotkit, Photocrowd.com want to see your very best family moments.


In the 'We are family' contest, Shotkit will be giving away a Fuji X-A1 camera with 16-50mm lens ($600) to the expert judge's chosen winner. A second winner decided by a public vote will receive their choice of 2 of Shotkit’s most popular books: The Shotkit Book, The Shotkit Book Volume II, Lightroom Power User and More Brides.


Open to everyone.

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