Wildlife Photo Contest

A Picture For Every Angle!


Photography is incomplete if there is no wildlife in it! Photofie calls on photographers world wide to put nature in the frame. There is a lot of variety in the wildlife photography and we are open to all genres, wildlife portraits, animal behavior and habitats to name a few! All you need to do is share with us your best shot and take a step closer to showcasing your work to the world.See you guys across the wilderness.


A 24"x24" canvass by zoomin.com for both the prize winners,total prize value of rs.7,200/- for the judges choice award and the most appreciated award!


international, age:13+

Copyrights & Usage Rights:

Images can be used used for marketing and advertisement purpose of the campaign or for associate sponsors.

Images will not be re-sold to any other 3rd party, if there is a request the 3rd party shall directly contact the photographer via email.

To promote winners of wildlife photo contest, photofie is granted the rights to display images on social network website of photofie and associate sponsor zoomin.


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