World. Report Award 2020

9,000 euros in cash prize


The Festival of Ethical Photography is pleased to present the tenth edition of the World.Report Award.

The maturity and experience gained over ten years of an international competition, alongside dozens of judges from all over the world represent an incredible heritage as well as a challenge to continually improve.

Every year the contest creates a fresco that tells the stories of our Planet, its great changes and its intimate and personal relationships connecting human beings.

A collective narrative unfolds each year out of the trust and commitment that the world of photography offers alongside our continued promise to try our best to support the international photojournalism community.

The Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi was created and is managed purely on a voluntary basis. Its purpose is to bring the general public close to ethically significant content using photography as a means of communication and knowledge, analysing different nuances of the delicate relationship between ethics, communication and photography.

The Festival has come to the attention of the public thanks to the quality of its exhibitions and the participation of internationally known photographers present in previous editions. The Festival wants to be at the service of photojournalism, of the kind of photography that tells stories, that makes you think and that is increasingly more difficult to experience in the media.

The World.Report Award aims at a new form of social commitment through photography. The award is open to both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world.

The award will give attention to works focusing on people and their social or cultural stories; public or private, minor or crucial, major human tragedies or smaller daily life stories, changes and immutability.

The main focus of the evaluation of the reportages will be the story that the project tells through compelling images submitted.

We are pleased to introduce a new category: MOTHER EARTH AWARD

For the 10th edition of the WRA we decided to introduce a new themed category dedicated to the planet we inhabit.

The projects submitted to this section will be evaluated by the organizational committee of the Festival for a possible exhibition in what will become the themed area of the Festival for the 2020 edition.


- 9,000 euros in cash prize
- Fujifilm photography professional equipment
- Printing of the exhibit
- Exhibit during the Festival of Ethical Photography in the World.Report Award area of the Festival
- Travel and accommodation expenses to travel to Lodi, Italy in the month of October
- Exposure in Italy and abroad through the Travelling Festival exhibit project for 3 years
- Publication in the annual Festival catalogue for the 2020 edition
- The Festival commits to giving visibility for a year to all the future projects and publications of the winning photographers within our communication channels


The awards are intended to economically support photographers who are actively engaged in this sector of photography.

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