Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 – Winners Gallery

16 January 2018

Winners of International Black and White Photography Contest

Monochrome Awards announced the winners of their 2017 photography contest!

Canadian photographer Ian Pettigrew has been announced as the overall winner of Professional category with the title: Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2017 and $2000 prize money. His winning image, called ‘Bailey’ is a part of an ongoing series of what it is like to live with Cystic Fibrosis.

Ian Pettigrew: Bailey – Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2017

Additionally, in Amateur category Indonesian photographer Gunarto Gunawan was announced as Monochrome Discovery of the Year 2017 with $1000 prize money for his winning image called ‘Light from Heaven’, that shows Grubug cave in central Java, Indonesia.

Gunarto Gunawan: Light from Heaven – Monochrome Discovery of the Year 2017

About Mono Awards: Monochrome Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for Professional and Amateur photographers. Our mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover most amazing photographers from around the world.



Marina Yushina: Inner Light – 1st Place in Abstract, Professional

Patricia Dinu: Lost America – 1st Place in Architecture, Professional

Farzad Ariannejad: White Veils – 1st Place in Conceptual, Professional

Michal Baran: Wavy – 1st Place in Fashion / Beauty, Professional

Frank Machalowski: ghosts of – 1st Place in Fine Art, Professional

Samuel Feron: Origin – 1st Place in Landscapes, Professional

Francisco Negroni: Tornado of fear – 1st Place in Nature, Professional

Christian Vizl: Marisa and fishes – 1st Place in Nude, Professional

Ofir Barak: Mea Searim – The Streets – 1st Place in People, Professional

Erberto Zani: Under the rainstorm – Rohingya’s exodus – 1st Place in Photojournalism, Professional

Milad Safabakhsh: Yes! I am a long way from home – 1st Place in Photomanipulation, Professional

Ian Pettigrew: Bailey – 1st Place in Portrait, Professional

Pedro Jarque: The Sect – 1st Place in Wildlife, Professional


Mihai Florea: Ripples – 1st Place in Abstract, Amateur

Ho Yuen Lai: Hong Kong old buildings – 1st Place in Architecture, Amateur

Mariano Belmar: La Mancha 2017 – 1st Place in Conceptual, Amateur

Hugo Deneweth: Marjolein – 1st Place in Fashion / Beauty, Amateur

Nathan Wirth: Wake (Richard Serra) – 1st Place in Fine Art, Amateur

Marcel Zizkat: Lake Hintersee TreeIsland Study II – 1st Place in Landscapes, Amateur

Gunarto Gunawan: Light from Heaven – 1st Place in Nature, Amateur

Iwona Aleksandrowicz: Earth – 1st Place in Nude, Amateur

Mikhail Shestakov: Albino – The Streets – 1st Place in People, Amateur

Vincenzo Lupo: Burned – 1st Place in Photojournalism, Amateur

Max Poussier: Central Lake – 1st Place in Photomanipulation, Amateur

Habib Alzadjali: Black Portrait – 1st Place in Portrait, Amateur

Olli Immonen: Friction – 1st Place in Wildlife, Amateur