Photogrvphy Grant 2017 Winners Gallery

22 October 2017

Gallery of winners

Australian documentary photographer Fabian Muir has been announced as the overall winner of this year’s Photogrvphy Grant and granted $1000 prize money to support his visual projects. His winning series, titled ‘Shades of Leisure in North Korea”, compiled across a two-year survey of all corners of the country, explores other sides of North Korea that are rarely shown, in an attempt to go past the cliché and open unexpected yet useful, new perspectives to the viewer.

GRAND PRIZE 2017 – Photojournalism – 1st Place – Fabian Muir – Shades of Leisure in North Korea

Additionally, 4 photographers were featured as category winners: Ivan Pushkin (Russian Federation) in Architecture category, Kurt Hollander (USA) in Conceptual category, Michel Delaunay (France) in Culture category, and Oliver Regueiro (USA) in Nature category. The 2017 Photogrvphy Grant received 4031 submissions from which 396 were awarded with Nominee Award.

Architecture – 1st Place – Ivan Pushkin – Sacred

Conceptual – 1st Place – Kurt Hollander – The Architecture of Sex

Culture – 1st Place – Michel Delaunay – This is My Body

Nature – 1st Place – Oliver Regueiro – Earthbound | Portrait Series of Captive Birds

Architecture – 2nd Place – Andrea and Magda – Sinai Park

Conceptual – 2nd Place – Dasha Chegarovskaya – The Aliens

Culture – 2nd Place – Jennifer Garza-Cuen – Rabun

Nature – 2nd Place – Andrey Semenov – Invasion

Photojournalism – 2nd Place – Linus Escandor II – Philippines’ War on Drugs

Architecture – 3rd Place – Bartłomiej Ponikiewski – Movie Theatres

Conceptual – 3rd Place – Kari Wehrs – Shot

Culture – 3rd Place – Akasha Rabut – Caramel Curves

Nature – 3rd Place – Adel Pazyar – Born of Die

Photojournalism – 3rd Place – Byron Smith – Mosul Offensive 2016

Winners’ Gallery:

Photogrvphy Grant awards $1000 annually to the applicant with the most inspirational photographic idea to support visual project of the artist.

Winners’ Gallery: