Gomma Photography Grant 2016

Renonwed photography grant contest with extraordinary jury.


The Gomma Photography Grant is a grant contest tailored to fund and support photographers, both emerging and established, working among various genre.

Started in 2014, Gomma Grant has quickly obtained a reputation of being ethical and quality-focused, with an eye to spot fresh talents and encouraging those already in the spotlight.

In addition to receiving cash grants the winning and shortlisted photographers can enjoy a huge amount of international exposure, publication in Gomma Magazine, Gomma websites and its networking partners. Photographers that are recognized through the Gomma Grant are known to have evolved their career to a higher level, both professionally and artistically.

Gomma Grant is open to everyone. Any medium, black & white or colour, analogue or digital. Gomma's juror and editors are looking for consistency, personality and courage.

The Grant involves renowned and esteemed personalities working in today's photography, every year Gomma's editing staff generate a very exciting and considerate jury.
This year the jury is formed by :

Stephane Charpenter - Curator of TempsZero.
Tim Clark - Founder of 1000s words.
Luca Desienna - Mentor at Gomma.
Yumi Goto - Founder of Reminders Project.
Tom Griggs - Editor of Fototazo.
Michael Itkoff - Cofoudner of Daylight.
Nobuhiro Kobayashi - Antenne Books.
Giuseppe Oliverio - CEO & Founder at PHmuseum.
Matt Shonfeld - Executive Director of Institute.


In addition to having their work viewed by our judges and receiving wordwide exposure the winners will receive:

1st Prize Winner:
€ 1000 cash prize.
A signed copy of MONO Volume Two Limited Gold Edition.
Gomma Photography Grant Winner Certificate.
Publication in Gomma Magazine and Gomma's affiliates.
Membership and feature interview at the Photographic Museum of Humanity.

2nd Prize Winner:
€ 500 cash prize
A signed copy of MONO Volume Two Cased edition.
Gomma Photography Grant Certificate.
Publication in Gomma Magazine and Gomma's affiliates.
Membership and Photographer of the day at the Photographic Museum of Humanity.

3rd Prize Winner:
€ 200 cash prize.
Publication in Gomma Magazine and Gomma's affiliates.
Gomma Photography Grant Certificate.
Membership at the Photographic Museum of Humanity.

Honorable mention: One year British Journal of Photography subscription and a signed MONO Volume Two.


Open to everyone

Copyrights & Usage Rights:


The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of the photographs entered in to the competition.
Gomma Books Ltd respects photographers rights and does not claim copyright for the images you submit to this contest. Photographers will retain full copyright in each entry.


By entering Gomma Photography Grant you agree that any winning image or runner up images you submit may be used by Gomma Books Ltd solely for the purpose of this contest or future contests by Gomma and no other purposes. These uses include: displaying the entries on the contest's website and other affiliated websites such as Gomma Facebook page, promotion of the contests and the photographers works.
You hereby grant Gomma Books Ltd a non-exclusive, irrevocable licence in each Entry for the uses described in 1. above for 2 years following the date of announcement of the winner, thereafter the image may be used for archival purposes only by Gomma Books Ltd.


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